Exports of Portuguese Ceramic Products and Glassware in 2016


The year 2016 represented a historic milestone for exports of ceramic and glassware products in Portugal. Portuguese ceramics reached 163 international markets. For the set of ceramic products, France was our main target market, followed by Spain, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. Ceramic exports reached 700.8 million euros and glassware exports totaled 81.5 million euros. These are the highest figures recorded in our country. Portugal increased from the 14th world exporter in 2015 (1.28% of the value of world exports of ceramics) to the 11th exporter in 2016 (1.54% of the value of world exports of ceramics). Also in the context of the European Union, Portugal increased its importance from 7th EU exporter in 2015 (3.96% of EU ceramic exports) to 6th exporter in 2016 (4.04% of EU exports). ceramics). In the context of world exports of ceramic products, Portugal ranked second in the ranking of exporters of tableware in stoneware, earthenware and ordinary clay in 2016, the 6th place in unglazed and unglazed pavements and tiles and statues and ornamental objects, the 7th place in the sanitary ware and the 9th place in the ceramic roof tiles. In the European Union, in 2016 Portugal was the leader in the exports of tableware made of stoneware, earthenware and common clay, ranked third in the ranking of exporters of sanitary ware, 4th place in floor and wall non glazed tiles and in statues and ornamental objects, 5th place in glazed floors and coatings, 7th place in ceramic roof tiles and 8th place in porcelain tableware. Regarding 2017, until October 2017 the exports of Portuguese ceramics increased 2.2% regarding the same period of 2016 reaching 602 million euros.



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